August 3rd Chapter Event: A Win-Win for ASTD NY Members

25 Aug 2011 4:32 PM | Anonymous member

On August 3rd, ASTD NY offered a chapter event that delivered real value to members.  
John Hagan and Pat Miranda-Sloan spoke about how Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP) tools such as MBTI, Firo-B, and TKI can be used for leadership development, coaching, and conflict management.  And Greg Barnett spoke about the Hogan Assessment HDS tool which can help dentify derailers in potential leaders.  

Not only that, but both CPP and Hogan Assessments made these tools available before the meeting for members to try out.  These instruments often cost more than $100 each!  Members were able to experience first-hand what each tool is like by taking numerous assessments. CPP provided access to over 10 tools.  On top of that, John Hagan invited those taking the CPP assessments to a one-on-one session to interpret their personal results. All in all, ASTD members came away with a bonus worth several thousand dollars.  

To round out the event, a panel of 3 ASTD NY member coaches discussed how they use these tools in practice.  Susan Farwell, Scott Walsh, and Steven Yorra shared valuable insights to navigate training and development engagements while successfully working with these tools.  All in all, a win-win for ASTD NY members!


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