• 04 Mar 2013
  • 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Teachers College, Columbia University • 525 W 120th St. (room to be announced)
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SOMATICS - THE ROLE OF THE BODY IN LEADING AND LEARNING: A Mind/Body Approach to Leadership Development

Leaders are being called upon to navigate increasingly complex, rapidly changing environments and climates. Somatics is a unique, mind/body approach to development and change that believes that although key to the process, insight is not enough, and the ability to take new, more effective action is required to make a difference and “walk our talk”. Working at the body level, learners are empowered to become stronger, more authentic leaders who can stay centered in chaos and conflict, maintain a more open perspective, and build more effective relationships and teams. Recent research into neuroscience and leadership gives scientific grounding to the effectiveness of somatic learning and practices, supporting its potential to achieve the quickest, deepest, and longest-lasting impact.

This workshop will present the basic theory of somatic and embodied learning and develop participants’ understanding of the ways somatic awareness and practices can create a more powerful leadership presence, enhancing their capacity to take more effective action in both professional and personal life. Participants will experience a series of somatic practices designed to elicit self-awareness leading to more effective leadership, and learn simple exercises they can continue to practice in order to sustain the learning beyond the workshop.

Through somatic learning and practices, participants will:
•    Learn a unique set of tools to sustain transformation and change.
•    Learn to live more fully in their body by building self –awareness.
•    Learn to connect with the power of resilience in the body.
•    Learn simple but powerful practices in order to deal more effectively with ambiguity and complexity.
•    Explore sensing and feeling energy with the body and their connection with the whole Self, including thoughts, emotions, and spirit.

Carmela Bennett, EdD is a certified somatic coach with 25 years of experience working in the fields of learning and education, dance/movement, and growth and development. She recently earned her doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University and is currently developing an active somatic leadership coaching practice in New York City. She loves facilitating movement and supporting people through change to help them become their best Self, both personally and professionally.

/Registration: 6:30pm

Event time: 7:00- 9:00 PM
Networking: 9:00- 9:30 PM

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Jody Barto, Teachers College, Columbia University SIG Co-Chair: jb3375@tc.columbia.edu

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