Year: 2012

1January, 2012
Jan 11 Monthly Chapter Event: The CLO's Perspective on the State of L&D in the Talent Management Arena
Jan 19 Transition SIG: How to Use the SIBL - Science, Industry & Business Library for Your Job Search
Jan 26 NYU Higher Education SIG: On-Site Practitioner Series: Hess Corporation
Jan 30 Joint Networking Event - FREE
Feb 01 eLearning SIG: Annual Career Tune-Up
Feb 07 Monthly Chapter Event: Informal Learning - Are We Missing a HUGE Opportunity?
Feb 15 Training Directors' SIG: The Role of Acting and Role Playing in Training
Feb 21 NYU Higher Education SIG: On-Site Practitioner Series: Google New York
Feb 23 Book Club SIG: Meet The Author: "The Blame Game" by Ben Dattner
Feb 23 Joint Transition and Coaching Special Interest Group: Setting Career Goals for 2012
Feb 27 Gather & Share Special Interest Group
Mar 06 Monthly Chapter Event: Predictive Evaluation: Planning + Collaboration + Tools = Performance Success
Mar 14 Joint Coaching and eLearning SIG: From C-Learning and E-Learning to V-Learning - Experience the Future of Learning, Collaboration and Coaching
Mar 21 Training Directors' SIG: Communication Style Assessment tools for today's demands
Mar 26 Gather & Share Networking Group
Mar 29 Book Club SIG: “Predictive Evaluation” by Dave Basarab
Apr 04 Monthly Chapter Event: Blended Learning:  Critical Design Decisions
Apr 17 Joint Coaching and Book Club SIG: The Neuroscience of Coaching - How the Brain Works to Facilitate Positive Change
Apr 18 Training Directors' SIG: Panel Discussion: Training in Challenging Times
Apr 26 Joint NYU Higher Education and eLearning SIGs: Games, Simulations and Gamification in Learning design and Delivery
Apr 26 Transition SIG: Is Your Role that of an L&D Consultant/ Contractor: What You Need to Know
Apr 30 Gather & Share Networking Group
May 02 Monthly Chapter Event: Integrating iPads Into Delivery Strategy: Think Fun!
May 15 Coaching SIG: Portrait of an Executive Coaching Assignment
May 22 NYU Higher Education SIG: On-Site Practitioner Series: How Pfizer Approaches Employee Learning Through an Interactive Q&A Format
May 23 Training Directors' SIG: Warning signs your employees are not sufficiently trained
Jun 07 Networking Mixer with ASTD NY and HR/NY Professionals
Jun 13 eLearning SIG - Elliott Masie on e-Learning in 2012
Jun 28 Joint Transition and Book Club SIGs: “Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace"
Jul 10 NYU Higher Education SIG: The State of L&D Jobs for Aspiring Talent Management Professionals
Jul 11 Monthly Chapter Event: Strategic Integration of Talent Management, Leadership Development, and OD Initiatives
Jul 18 Training Directors' SIG: "Spotlight on Talent Management at DTCC"
Jul 30 Joint Networking Event
Aug 01 Monthly Chapter Event: Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth: Applying the Cloud to L&D
Aug 23 Transition SIG: “Is Your Role L&D Consultant: What You Need to Know”
Aug 27 Gather & Share Networking Group
Aug 30 Book Club SIG: "Emotional Chaos to Clarity" by Phillip Moffitt
Sep 11 eLearning SIG: Informal Learning in Practice - What's Your eStory?
Sep 13 Performance Support Symposium, Boston
Sep 13 Transition SIG: Winning the Tiebreaker Interview
Sep 14 Performance Support Symposium, Boston
Sep 19 Training Directors' SIG: L3/LHH Executive Leadership Development Program
Sep 20 Joint Chapter and Coaching SIG: Coaching Practices for Leaders: How Avon is Achieving Its Goals
Sep 24 Gather & Share Networking Group
Sep 26 NYU and Teachers College, Columbia University SIGs Co-sponsored Networking Event
Oct 02 Monthly Chapter Event: CLO POV: Career Planning for L&D Professionals
Oct 16 Coaching SIG: Virtual Coaching to Drive Corporate Results
Oct 17 Joint Chapter Event with eLearning SIG and Training Directors SIG: eLearning Solution Options for Training Directors
Oct 26 Member-only Webinar: Becoming a Better Business Partner
Oct 29 Gather & Share Networking Group
Nov 08 Transition SIG: Managing Your Transition: Where Are You and What are You Doing Now?
Nov 14 eLearning SIG: Virtual Training with Mobile Devices
Nov 15 Joint Book Club and Coaching SIG: The Mind to Lead: Coaching for Calm, Confident Power
Nov 15 NYU Higher Education SIG: On–Site Practitioner Series: Dale Carnegie
Nov 27 Monthly Chapter Event: Social Learning in Action at IBM
Nov 28 Training Directors' SIG: Hear the future trends from an L&D industry innovator
Dec 04 ASTD NY Holiday Party and Annual Meeting
Dec 10 Webinar: Social Media and the Evolution of Learning - Member Only event
Dec 10 NYU Higher Education SIG: Connecting L&D Research and Industry Best Practices
Dec 12 Performance Support/Informal Learning SIG: How to Design a Performance Support "Sidekick" for a Computer Application
Dec 17 Hands-on ILT to VILT Workshop Hosted by Adobe ASTD NY • Member Only Event

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